How to be Authentic in Your Marketing

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Published: 20th September 2012
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Today, I want to talk to you about being more authentic in your marketing. One of the things that really changed my business many years ago is when I started taking down the walls and allowing myself to be more authentic, more real, more genuine, not just in my own life, but in my business. It worked in all areas of my life. Thatís how I got together with my husband (not to over-share or anything), but I just took down the walls and I started letting people in, in my personal life. It was amazing what happened.

I started thinking, ďWhat would happen if I did the same thing in my business?Ē Today, the number one thing that people say to me, especially if they come to one of my live events or join me on a livestream, is ďYou are the real deal. You are so authentic. Youíre so relatable. Youíre so vulnerable. This is why I trust you. This is why I feel like I want to work with you. This is why I hired you.Ē Thereís nothing better than hearing that because people who have just met you just days before feel that they trust you.

Here are the five ways that I have become more authentic in my marketing for my business and how you can be the same in yours because it does result in more clients, more money and it helps you multiply your business.

1. Donít be afraid to be vulnerable in your business. I donít know if you were in corporate, but I was for eight years and everything had to be so polished and perfect. You werenít allowed to make mistakes. In fact, it was all about covering your tush and pointing the finger at other people. Maybe you experienced that like I did.

What I have found is that the more vulnerable I am in my business, letting people in, the more clients I get. This happened the minute that I started being more vulnerable and weaving in some of my experiences in my business. People started coming out of the woodwork.

I have said this before and I will say it again, ďPeople like a little bit of grit. They donít like all the slick.Ē Now, you cannot be a basket case. You cannot air all your dirty laundry. Youíve got to stay somewhat professional and polished, but let it be okay for you to be a little bit vulnerable.

2. Let people learn from your mistakes. I have had clients say to me for years, ďOh, I just love it when I hear about your failures.Ē At first I just didnít know what to make of that, but what Iíve learned is if you can put yourself in the trenches with your clients and not on this big pedestal where youíve got it all figured out, they trust you and they feel closer to you. They feel more connected to you.

I say this to people all the time, ďListen, there is no such thing as marketing nirvana. I will never figure it out fully because marketing keeps changing, so Iím in the trenches with you. Iím going to continually learn. However, I may just be a few steps ahead of you, so Iím going to give you everything thatís working for me.Ē

I always say, ďI have not figured it all out with my mindset. I still have mindset stuff that I need to figure out, but hey, Iím a lot further along than I was 10 or 20 years ago.Ē Iím in the trenches with you. I keep working on my stuff. Share your experiences with them. Share your failures. Let them learn from all the things that didnít go so well with you because if thereís a person thatís just a little too perfect, do you really trust them? Not possible. Or else, even if you did trust them, you donít feel good about yourself around them. If you want to make your prospects and clients feel good around you share your failures.

3. You must really care about people. This is a big one and as you may know in my company, we have this mission statement that says, ďWe do everything with authenticity, integrity and love.Ē I know it could sound crazy having the word Ďloveí in our mission statement. But, yes we do.

Hereís why. I may have met you and I may not have met you yet. I hope that if we havenít yet, that we get to meet you one day really soon, but the idea is that I probably know who you are. You and I are cut from the same cloth because we are both entrepreneurs and we are wired in a different way and we are here to be a catalyst in other peoplesí lives in a way that some other people simply arenít. Even if I havenít met one of my followers, fans, prospects or customers from around the world, I still love them.

I still love you. Kooky concept for some people, but there are legions of people that I havenít met yet that I love. When you love somebody you care for them. You act with love and you give with love and you just genuinely care.

When you post something on a website or in an article or you do a video, you pour your heart into it. People will feel that you are authentic or vulnerable. Sometimes I allow myself to well up in tears. Itís just because I am this way. I am this way in my real life.

4. Be yourself. If youíre funny at home, be funny in your marketing. If you are loving at home, be loving in your marketing. If you are generous at home, be generous in your marketing. If you love pets at home, include your pets in your marketing. If you love kids at home, include kids in your marketing. Youíll recognize that I do that a lot in my work and in my marketing. Be yourself.

5. Act with integrity. If you want to be authentic and you want people to see you as that, you must be sincere and you must act with integrity. That means that you only do the right thing even when no oneís watching. If you mess something up, make it right. If you want to sell something, tell the truth. Always act as if somebody is watching you. People will see that. They may not know whether itís true or not, but they will feel it energetically and they will see you as being a person of authenticity. When you are a person of authenticity, people trust you and when people trust you they buy from you, they hire you, they recommend you, they give you great testimonials. They keep coming back.

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Start weaving more of this into your business and you will get more clients and you will make more money and you will multiply your business because youíre going to rise to the top. Everybody else will be very slick, but you will be slick with a little bit of grit and people will love you for it.

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