How to Work from Your Strengths

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Published: 06th November 2012
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Todayís topic is about working only from your strengths. I work with all sorts of entrepreneurs: people who are just ramping up their business, people who are looking to have massive leverage in their business and people who play a really bigger game - visionaries who are creating a legacy.

Once you get to a point where you have filled your practice and have the number of clients and customers that you can handle, itís about leveraging. One of the ways to leverage your business is to really look at what your strengths are in the business and what is the ideal team because as you start to leverage you need to bring on team members. You simply canít do everything yourself.

One of the things that Iíve realized is that when youíre working from your strengths and only from your strengths, you actually make so much more money than if youíre doing things that you are not good at. You should not be doing anything in your business that is costing you money because youíre simply not good at it.

Another thing that Iíve realized, and this is what I coach our clients on, is that the ideal team, even if itís you and some virtual assistants, is made up of four different categories of people. If you only have one or two of these four, youíre really missing out on multiplying your business. I want to share what those four categories are and explain to you how to set that up in your business.

1. Strategic Thinker. Youíve got to have somebody on your team that is a strategic thinker. Now, usually thatís you because you started the business. You are the one with the big vision and you are the one who can see where you want to take the business over the years. Itís really important that you be strategic about how you run your business.

A lot of people belong to mastermind groups and work with mentors so that there is that strategic thinking process going on. Even though Iím a strategic thinker I do belong to masterminds and I work with mentors to help me refine that.

2. Implementors. You must have people on the team who can implement, people who will work tirelessly to get things done. Youíre going to have all this strategic thinking and big ideas and all that happening in your organization, but if you do not have people who will go implement and execute on the big ideas you will not move very fast in your business.

In fact, this is where a lot of entrepreneurs get really stuck. Theyíre high idea generators, but they donít have a core group of implementors - even if itís just you plus one other person.

3. Salesperson. Youíve got to have somebody on your team who can sell, somebody who can influence, somebody who can make things happen in that way. Why? Because you need to bring in money in your business. One of the things that I teach my clients is the closing of the sale, because if you canít master the closing of the salesyou wonít have any clients, which means thereís no money coming in. If thatís not something that youíre good at, either learn how to get good at it, which is very, very simple if youíre taught the right way to do it or bring someone on who can do some of that selling and influencing for you.

4. Relationship builder. To have a team that works well and an organization that is set to multiply itself and to really get bigger and bigger, you must have somebody on the team who is a relationship builder, somebody who can connect with people who have empathy and compassion and can really bring harmony. This can be both within the team and with prospects and clients and vendors.

The reason the relationship-builder is very important is that once you get bigger and bigger in your company you will have more inquiries. You will have more clients, more prospects, more vendors, more strategic alliances and joint ventures and those relationships need to be built.

Usually, you will not fit in all four of these categories. If I look at what my strengths are, I fit in two of these. I have surrounded myself with other people on my team to take care of everything. When we all work from our strengths then we have a really, really solid team that can really increase every year.

When youíre looking at companies whose growth astounds you and amazes you, itís because they have, among many other things, these four categories taken care of.

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